Angry Birds Cake Pops!

Angry Birds is a popular game on iPhone and Android phones. It’s one of the top downloaded games, fun and addicting. They have stuffed animal angry birds and they’re even making a movie cause this game became so popular.

I thought it be fun to attempt to make some angry bird cake pops. Check out my angry birds! I was trying to do step by step pictures, but wasn’t sure on how to make them either cause I was experimenting too.

We got all 5 birds with different abilities!

They even have a trailer for this game!

19 thoughts on “Angry Birds Cake Pops!

  1. GAHHHHH!!! Your birds are so cute! Mine look like absolute behemoths in comparison :)

    How did you do the Black Bird? I had so much trouble finding black food colouring powder that I just gave up.

    • Thanks! I like yours too! I actually used Candy Oil Colors to color my white chocolate. You should be able to get some at a baking supplies shop. Hope you are able to find some!

  2. How can i make my chocolate in different colors? Like black, Blue or brown? What coloring agent should i get? Thanks!

    • Hi Beverly, I recommend buying the white vanilla bark for light colors. Look for “candy color oils” at a local bake supplies shop. The brand I use is Americolor. They should have every color you need. Michael’s sells the basic colors, but not black. Hope you find what you needed! Thanks for coming by!

  3. What did you use to make the faces? I am going to try to make these for my son’s birthday, but would like a little more direction. Please help me. Thank you!

    • Hi Terri,

      The angry birds are really fun to make! For the angry bird faces, I used Jimmie sprinkles, round sprinkles, royal icing eyes, and chocolate covered sunflower seeds. I bought all the items at Michael’s except for he royal icing eyes which they sell now in there stores. Good luck with the angry bird pops!

  4. Hi! I really want to become a baker when I grow up but I have a lot to learn! I’m making agry birds cake pops for my dad’s 46th birthday and I would like to know how you make the green angry bird and the big red one????

    • Hi Becca,

      Practice makes perfect! I know you will be able to do it! Start out by practicing making basic cake pops. You can find my tutorial here. After you have mastered the cake pops, you can start adding details for it. For the details, you will need a variety of sprinkles. Jimmies and round sprinkles. Royal Icing eyes too for the eyes and chocolate covered sunflower seeds for the beaks.

      Good Luck Becca!!! Thanks for coming by!

  5. How did you do the feathers on top of their heads, I think I could manage the rest but that looks difficult to me. Thanks for your tips!!

    • Hi Jen,

      I put the black melted chocolate in a piping bag and drew a few on parchment paper. After it dries, carefully removed it from the parchment and use some more melted chocolate as an adhesive onto the angry bird.

      Good luck!!! :)

    • Hi Paige,

      I used colored chocolates and piped it on parchment paper to get the feathers, and the beak is chocolate covered sunflower seeds. Also royal icing for the eyeballs. Good luck on your angry bird pops!

  6. wait so you just used sunflower seeds and dipped it in orange candy coating? or did you buy them already orange chocolate dipped? i’m making these tmrw but i’m stuck on what to use for the beaks!

  7. These look awesome! I like that you used chocolate instead of fondant.
    How did u do the white bellies on the yellow & brown birds? I tried making upright pops before w/ homemade frosting, but half of them slid down the stick. Can you recommend a store bought frosting that isn’t overly sweet?

    • Hi Jenna,

      Thanks! I just tilted the bowl of melted chocolate to get the white belly on the angry birds. I’ve tried pillsbury and Betty Crocker they both are good. Try using less frosting so it’s not too sweet. Good luck on your angry bird pops!

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