How to make Individual Cupcake Stands

Figured out how to make your own individual cupcake stand without have to buy  some? Well Diary of a Lady Bird came out with a tutorial on how to make your own and you can design it however you like.

You don’t need too many materials. Just a plate, a cup and super glue!

Simply glue it together and let it dry.

That’s it!

Then you can design it however you like! She has some really cute designs of her own too.

Thanks for the tutorial from Diary of a Lady Bird!

Yo Gabba Gabba “Brobee” Cake Pops

For those who don’t know how to make cake pops, check out my basic cake pop tutorial. I covered my cake pops in green and set it aside in styrofoam to hold the cake pops in an upwards position.

Now onto the details of Brobee….

I thought chocolate morsels was the best size for Brobee’s Horns. So I melted some vanilla bark and dyed it red/orange with my candy oils. Now its time to cover the morsels. The key is to wait until the melted bark is not too hot, because it will melt the morsels.

I set a morsel on a fork and used a spoon to drizzle and cover the morsel completely.

Then I placed the morsels on parchment paper. I had to use a toothpick as help to get the morsel off the fork.

After all the morsels were dry, I put them all on a clean parchment paper and also got my royal icing eye balls ready to go glue onto the cake pop. Use the melted chocolate as the glue agent.

I used the melted red vanilla bark to glue on the eyeballs and horns onto the cake pop.

Then I used the leftover melted red vanilla bark to pipe onto the cake pop for Brobee’s mouth. I used a disposable piping bag because when chocolate dries in the piping bag, its a pain to clean up. In addition, I didn’t fill the piping bag too much cause I wanted to have control while piping onto the cake pops.

While waiting for the mouth to dry, I needed black. So I mixed so black candy color oils into my red vanilla bark to get the black I needed.

Adding in a lot of candy color oils can cause the bark to get thick and not as smooth. You can add some shortening to thin out the chocolate if needed.

Then I piped on the black chocolate for Brobee’s eyebrows and mouth.

And there you have it! Brobee Cake Pops!!!

Lessons learned….If I had to do it again, I would not put the eyes as high so I can pipe better eyebrows on Brobee :)

Pirate Theme Dessert Table

For Cash’s 1st Birthday, Jackie and Ant wanted to do a pirate theme party.

Jackie, Joanne, Judy and I worked on the desserts table for a few days prior to the big event. There was plenty of desserts and food everywhere. Jackie and Ant had a custom treasure chest pinata, a pirate ship jumper in the backyard, and treasure chest favor boxes with many goodies for all the kids that came.

We decided to go with black, red and white for the table…Check out the yummy goodies for the dessert table!

We use the cricut expressions to make the banner

A pirate ship for the main centerpiece

Red velvet push pop cakes

We found these cute pirate hat rings as toppers..

Rice Krispies Boats with Sails using circle cutters and wooden skewers.

We also had some vietnamese sesame balls

Vanilla Cake Pops

And lastly…Cash’s 1st smash cake!

We also added some shiny bead necklaces and gold chocolate coins to the table

Happy Birthday Cash!!!

How to Use an Edible Image

If you don’t have printer, you can easily get an edible print made at your local cake supply shop or even online. You can use these edible prints on cakes and cookies.

Then these next few steps will be really easy after you have your edible image!

After your cake is frosted and smooth out, peel the edible image from the paper (just like a sticker) You can also cut out the edible image if needed before peeling.

Then you just place the image on the cake! You can add all your other decorations around the image after.

The edible print will eventually meld into the frosted surface. And that’s it! Pretty easy!!!!

How to make Turkey Cake Pops

One more day until Thanksgiving!!! I thought I’d try making some turkey cake pops this year. Check out these steps on how I made my turkey cake pop. Follow the basic instructions to make a cake pop from my old posts and follow the rest of these instructions.

Materials I used for this Turkey Cake Pop: chocolate covered sunflower seeds, M&Ms, Royal icing small eyes, rainbow chip crunch sprinkles, and  flower medley sprinkles.


Melt the chocolate bark until runny. Then I grabbed one of my cake pops from the refrigerator. Dip an M&M into the melted chocolate and glued it to the cake pop. The M&M is the turkey’s head. Let it completely dry.


While waiting for it to dry, I got my chocolate cover sunflower seeds ready, because the next few steps you need to be quick before the chocolate dries. Initially, I was a bit worried that when I dipped my cake pop into the melted chocolated I thought the M&M wold fall off. I made sure the chocolate was very runny and was gentle when dipping and covering the cake pop. The M&M didn’t fall off…woohoooo!

Dip your cake pop into the melted chocolate and cover completely. Tap off the excess chocolate and immediately put the sunflower seed on the cake pop for the feathers of the turkey. If it dries and you weren’t able to put all the feathers on the cake pop, just dip a little bit of the sunflower seed into the melted chocolate then use it as a glue to the cake pops.


Then I grabbed an orange chip crunch from the rainbow chip crunch sprinkles for the beak. I used a toothpick to get some chocolate and put a small dot on the orange chip and glued it to the head of the turkey.


I grabbed an red maple leaf from the flower medley sprinkles and broke a piece of it off for the wattle of the turkey. I used a toothpick again to put some chocolate on the wattle and glued it right under the beak of the turkey.


Then I put a dot of chocolate on the eyes and glued it on the head of the turkey.


Now we have some cute yummy turkey cake pops!!!!

 Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!! Have an awesome long weekend!!!!

Thanksgiving Dessert Table Ideas

Thanksgiving is a time where we give thanks. Along with a big feast! Yummy….turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, etc. And for dessert, it always something with pumpkin. I’m getting hungry…

But how about some table decor ideas for your Thanskgiving feasts this year :) Check out these wonderful table decoration ideas!

Kara’s Party ideas blog has posted a few different table decoration ideas for this fall/thanksgiving season.

An Autumn Celebration Dessert Table by Sweet Table Chicago!

Look at these yummy mini pumpkin cupcakes!

How about a Fall Harvest Thanksgiving Party Theme from Anders Ruff Custom Designs….

Isn’t this dessert pretty? Probably delicious too!

And lastly, Rustic Thanksgiving Table and Dessert Table from Shindig Parties to Go

Wonderful decoration ideas for this Thanksgiving!!!

Thanksgiving Dessert Ideas

Its almost Thanksgiving time and we’re all probably looking for some great dessert ideas! I’ve stumbled on some turkey ideas that you can make with your thanksgiving feasts this year!!! Many many different ideas…pick your favorite idea to do this year.

Cupcake Take the Cake has posted some really cute turkey cupcakes ideas this year. This really cute turkey cupcake from sugar daze. The turkey is made of marzipan and sugar paste toppings isn’t this turkey adorable!

My Cake School Blog also has this really cute idea to make turkey rice krispies covered with  fondant. Also, turkey and cornucopias cupcake. The blog also shows you how to make this all these turkey desserts.

Kitchen Corner also has a cupcake tutorial on how to make there stuffed turkey cupcake with caramel and crumbled pound cake. Yummy!!!!

Kitchen Daily also has a video post on how to make this turkey cupcake. You can use those leftover candy corns with this idea!

How To Make a Gum Paste Calla Lily

Want to learn how to start making some flowers for your cake decorations? Let’s start with the calla lily! This flower is simple compared to other gum paste flowers and looks awesome too!

What you need:

  • Gum Paste
  • Calla Lily Former Set
  • Typical Gum Paste Tools (Foams and Ball Tools)
  • Roller with 1/8″ Purple Ring
  • Gum Paste Glue
  • Food Coloring: Green and Yellow (or yellow and green fondant)
  • Wilton Round Cutter Set
  • Yellow Sugar Sprinkles

The first step is to roll out the gum paste as thing as you can and use the heart shape cutter from your calla lily former set to cut out the gum paste.

Get your thin foam mat and place the heart shape gum paste on the mat and use the ball tool to thin out the edge by rolling the ball back and forth, around the whole heart shape.

After you go around the heart shape, it will look a a bit ruffled at the edges.

Get the cone from the calla lily former set and we will place it on the cone. (You can also use the snow cone paper cups to do this) The dip in the heart will go on the tip of the cone,

Fold the heart shape and overlap. Use some gum paste glue to secure.

Curl out a bit of the edge with your fingers, so we can get the calla lily to look more real. Put to the side and let it dry.

Get some more gum paste and color it yellow. You can either use food coloring or if you have some yellow fondant, you can knead it to get the yellow color. Roll the gum paste out 1/8″ if you have the small Wilton roller, it comes with the rings, use the purple one.

Use the medium round cutter from the Wilton round cutter set, to cut out a circle. Cut the circle in half.

Using half the circle, roll it out into hot dog shape. This is for the stigma of the call lily.

Put gum paste on the stigma and roll it in some yellow sugar sprinkles. I didn’t have yellow, so I had to improvise with white sugar sprinkles. Put it aside to let it dry.

Next is the leaf of the calla lilly. Color some gum paste green and roll it out as thin as possible. Use the medium round cutter again and cut the circle in half.

Now we’re going to place half of the circle onto the flower. The straight edge should be at the top and wrap around just like you did with the heart shape. Use some gum paste to secure

Almost done! When the calla lilly has dried you can remove it from the cone. You will see and opening to put the stigma in.

Use some gum paste glue to secure the stigma in the calla lily and let it dry before you put them on your cake.

Pretty easy :) One of the easier gum paste flowers to do for your cakes.

Desserts Table for a Mermaid Party

I saw this really cute mystical mermaid party initially on Kara’s Party Ideas Blog by Kate Landers Events. The soft colors for this theme totally works: White, light pink, and light brown. Love it! The decor is beautiful and elegant. The desserts table were very detailed.

Check out the desserts table!!!! Yummy!!!! Too cute!!!

These octopus cupcakes are adorable and like these newly updated cupcake liner look!

Chocolate Covered Pretzels!!! Yummm!!!

The cake is simple and elegant on the double tiered cake stands.

Starfish Sugar Cookies on sand!!!

Sea urchins on top of a mini cake.

Coral Cupcakes…I like how she made these coral toppers!

Aren’t all the decorations and desserts just lovely! There’s more desserts and details of the event. Check out more pictures of the event here.