Yo Gabba Gabba “Brobee” Desserts Table

Happy 1st Birthday Mason!

It was Mason’s Birthday Party this past weekend and Quyen chose a Yo Gabba Gabba themed birthday party with an emphasis on Brobee.

I wanted to make some cake pops and thought to try out making a few Brobee character cake pops along with simples ones. These are my version of Brobee Cake Pops…

I also made push pop cakes. I found this FREE template on Gabba Friends and just modified it. I printed and used a medium sized round cutter to cut out the labels. Pretty simple!

Quyen made really cute Brobee t-shirts. She also got Yo Gabba Gabba Boom box :) party favors. It was filled with sweets, DJ Lance Glasses and even Yo Gabba Gabba silly bands!

In the backyard they had a good cool Yo Gabba Gabba boom box pinata.

And I lastly, the CAKE. I don’t know if you’ve guys have seen the Yo Gabba Gabba “Birthday” episode, where its Brobee’s birthday, the special guest makes a Brobee replica cake.

I tried to make the cake to look like the cake from the episode. I actually had to pause the episode to get a picture of the cake cause I could not find a picture on the internet.

And this is my version of the Brobee cake!

Stay tuned for my tutorial on my Brobee cake pops on my next post!

Push Pop Cakes

Push Pop Cakes are sooo easy to make and are really cute for parties. Simple and clean. No cutting needed.

I found these clear push pop cake at JB Prince and not that bad of a price.

You can use your favorite recipes for the push pops.

It’s easy to make: bake thin sheets of cake and use round cutters to cut out circles to put in the push pop.

Get your frosting ready and alternate the cake circle cut outs and frosting to get the pretty layers.