How to make a Ruffle Cake

Ruffles are in right now for clothes and even cakes! I’ve posted how to make a ruffle cake made with frosting, but now you can do it with fondant. So I have a really simple fondant ruffle cake for you guys and how to do it! Hope you guys all like it!!!

Have your cake ready covered in fondant and check out these next few steps on how to make a ruffle for the cake.

I kneaded some fondant then rolled it into a long string and use my fondant roller to make it thin about 1/8″ or thinner.

Then we’re going to cut out a scallop edge. I happen to have a cutter but you can easily do this without it and it doesn’t have to be perfect either.

After you made the scallop edge cut out, get your thin foam and make sure you put some corn starch on it so the fondant does not stick.

Using the veining/elbow tool, we’re going to thin out the scalloped side of the fondant. Press firmly down and slowly moving next to the line you made with the tool and do it again and again until completed.

Now get some gum glue and we’re going to glue it onto your fondant cake. Be gentle cause you don’t want to break the fondant to tear. So my method was to glue about 2 inches at a time and turned my cake slowly and attach the ruffle.

After gluing the first layer on, use your fingers to flare the edges outwards from the cake.

Basically you will keep repeating these steps to do the next few ruffles. slowly add the next ruffle on top of the other.

Make as many as you like! I think the more ruffles the better :)

12 thoughts on “How to make a Ruffle Cake

  1. So pretty and thank you soooo much for the directions. Just perfect. I have a question. Could I possibly add some gumpaste to the fondant and make this ahead of time? I am doing a wedding cake for my daughter and the 2nd tier is going to be a dummie. I’d love to put it on this tier. Her dress has tons of ruffles!


    • Hi Melissa,

      Yes you can add gumpaste to the fondant to make it more pliable and making it ahead of time would definitely save you time. Just make sure you store it in a ziploc bag or plastic wrap to keep it from getting dry. Hope this helps! Good Luck!

      Congratulations!!! She must be soo excited!

    • Hi Maggie,

      I think it would work, I would recommend a crusting buttercream probably work better too.

      Thanks for coming by!

  2. Hi Sweets!

    I’ve attached ruffles to fondant before but find myself needing to attach to buttercream in a downward orientation not in the upward orientation you demonstrated here.
    You mentioned in an earlier reply that you believe attaching to buttercream would work; can you tell me if you would attach it prior to or after it crusts? Would you add water or gum glue as you would when attaching to fondant or simply press it into the buttercream?


    • Hi CakeDaddy,

      I actually just do buttercream, but upon researching when I started with fondant, I’ve seen people use like a piping gel before putting on the fondant. Hope this helps…good luck!

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