How to make Cake Pops!

I made a Oreo pops tutorial but thought I should do one for cake pops since the beginning process and materials are a bit different, but everything else is the same!

Recipe for a Cake Pops – Makes about 24 cake pops depending on the size of your cake pop ball:

  • 1 box Cake Mix
  • 1 can frosting
  • 1 bag of chocolate bark

Bake your cake and let the cake completely cool before going on the next step. When the cake has completely cool, its time to crumble your cake.

You can do this by hand or use your Kitchenaid mixer like I did for the next few steps.

I cut up pieces of the cake and threw it in my mixing bowl. Use the flat paddle attachment for this process and cover the mixer bowl so crumbs aren’t flying out of the bowl when the mixer is on.

After the cake has crumbled, use the whole can of frosting and mix it in with the crumbled cake.

When evenly mixed, I use a ice cream scooper to make my cake pops.

Make sure you line your baking pan with parchment or wax paper.

After I scooped out all my balls, I roll them up into a smooth ball!

Now its time to make the chocolate! I put the cake balls in the refrigerator while I make my chocolate. I cut my chocolate bark into small pieces and then put it in the microwave to melt (follow the instructions on the bag) I do this until the chocolate is runny.

When the chocolate is ready, take out the cake balls from the refrigerator and now its time to put the stick the cakeĀ  ball to make it a cake pop! I stick the lollipop stick about 1/2″ in the chocolate.

Then put it into the cake ball half way into the cake ball. We do this to glue the stick and cake ball together. Now put the cake pops in the refrigerator for 2-3 hours.

I prefer the refrigerator than freezer. I had a few mishaps with the cake pops cracking after covering the cake pop with chocolate cause its too cold. So the refrigerator is prefect.

Now its time to cover the chocolate. Melt your chocolate again until its runny. Dip your cake pop into the bowl. I use a little help of a spoon to completely cover my cake pop.

Once its completely covered tap off the excess chocolate by tapping the side of the lollipop stick on the edge of the bowl.

If you plan to use sprinkles, sprinkle it immediately after! If you like to do a chocolate drizzle, wait for the chocolate to set before drizzling chocolate.

Then place the cake pop on parchment paper to let it dry.

Note: If you want your cake pop to be upwards like a lollipop, you’ll need a styrofoam block, use it as a stand and put the lollipop stick end into the styrofoam. Instead of putting it on a baking pan to hold the cake pops.

Hope this tutorial is helpful!!!! Enjoy!!!!

29 thoughts on “How to make Cake Pops!

  1. How do you get your cake balls so round?!?! Mine always seem to be a little disfigured even though I roll them into “balls” with my hand after scooping them with a cookie scoop. :( Also, does the chocolate ever crack after its dried?

    • Hi! I roll the cake scoops in between my palms, then after I use my fingers to press in some sections to make it more round. I don’t have any special technique on rolling it. Just keep trying :) Also, I’ve only had problems with the chocolate cracking when I was putting the cake pops in the freezer. I recommend using the refrigerator even though you have to wait longer before you coat the cake pop. Let me know if you have any other questions! Good luck!!!!

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    • Hi Julie,

      Thanks for mentioning my blog on your site! I’m glad you found the tutorial useful. Your cake pops turned out great for your first time!

    • Hi Cathleen,
      I bake the cake mix before I mix the cake and frosting together. Hope this helps! Remember to let the cake cool down before you mix the cake and frosting.

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  4. If I want different colors can I just use the white bark and add some cake icing coloring gel? Thanks! Can’t wait to try these!

    • Hi Niki,
      Use the white bark and an oil based food coloring to get the color you need. Normal food coloring won’t work with the white bark. Good luck!!!

  5. Hi Niki,
    If I am using a very moist cake – do I still need to add the frosting to hold it together or do you think just the moist cake into balls will work?

  6. I tried to put them in styrofoam to make them stay round but, the chocolate just dripped right off of them and all over the stick…. trying to find a way to make them round on top!

    • Hi Erin,

      Try tapping off more of the chocolate off the cake ball before putting it in the styrofoam stand. Hope it comes out great!

    • Hi Melisa,

      I’ve never tried whipped, but thinking about it, I’m not sure you will get the smoothness on the ball. Let me know how they turn out :)

      Good luck!

  7. I’m trying to attempt making cake balls for the first time. My balls are successful, however my problem is the dipping. I’m using candy melts for the color and I can’t seem to make it smooth when I dip. Is there a technique for dipping? I used a small mouth wash size (100ct cups) cup to make it deep enough for my sticks to cover the ball. Please help! I’m making these for my son’s birthday party next week. Thought I’d give it a practice run and I’m glad I did.

    • Hi Kristy,

      My recommendation is if the chocolate is too thick use some shortening to make the chocolate a little thinner. After I dip my cake pop in the chocolate, I like the tap the stick on the side of my bowl to get the excess chocolate off. Also tapping it will help it make the chocolate more even.

      Hope this helps!!!

      • Thanks for the tip! I don’t know why I didn’t think of adding shortening. I was making soccer cake pops for my niece’s soccer team last night and the base coating came out fine (except for a few that the chocolate didn’t drip all the way off so they had kind of a chocolate curl on one side). But my problem was keeping the dark chocolate that I was using for decorating soft enough to work with in the bag. I am finishing them tonight for her game tomorrow so I will have to try adding the the shortening.

        • Hi Missy,

          Shortening does soo much for the chocolate! Helps thin the chocolate out a bit. I use it everything when I melt chocolate because I always get different consistencies everytime. Good luck in your pops! Thanks for coming by!

  8. Im making some Yo Gabba Gabba pops for my friends’ child’s birthday -Thanks for your tips! I have had tons of problems with my pops cracking, so I REALLY hope to avoid that this time – going to dip them after taking them out of the fridge for a while. LOVE your Brobee pops! =)

  9. Hi There,

    I’m about to give the cake pops a go! I’m going to do them in white chocolate as my theme is white for my daughters baptism. I’m very excited! Will let u know how they turn out! Thanks for this blog. x

    • Hi Stefani,

      I haven’t tried rice krispies, it sounds delicious! I’m not sure if it will come out that smooth. Let me know how it goes. Good luck!!!

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