How To Make Gum Paste Flower Mums

I have an awesome tutorial today on how to make gum paste flower mums! These flowers are sooo cute and easy, just takes a little time to make.


  • Gum Paste
  • Round Fondant Cutters
  • Mini Roller
  • 2 Wooden Dowels
  • Gum Paste Glue
  • Toothpick
  • Styrofoam block/cup
  • Thin Foam Mat
  • Veining/Elbow Tool
  • Flower Cut Out (preferable around 8 petals)

Start out with some gum paste and knead, then roll out the gum paste with the 2 wooden dowels as a guide for rolling out the gum paste for thickness. Then use the smallest round cutter and make 2 cut outs (you can make more if you plan to make more mums) See the picture below:

Cut one of the gum paste circles in half. Use one of the halves with one full circle and form it into a ball.  After forming the ball, grab your toothpick and dip it into some shortening then into the ball.

Set the bud aside in a styrofoam cup to let it dry. When the bud is dry you can continue on the next steps.

Color your gum paste to desired color, I made mine pink. Then you want to roll out the gum paste as thin as possible. The thinner the better! Then you want to use your flower cut out and cut out 6 of them. You will be working on one of the flower petals at a time so tuck them in some plastic wrap so the gum paste doesn’t dry out.

Grab one of your flower cut outs and place it on the thin foam. Make sure you have enough corn starch on the thin foam mat so it does not stick.

Using your veining tool, you will put a firm pressure at the end of the petal and glide it towards the middle. Repeat this for each petal.

Now grab your bud from your styrofoam and place it through the flower petal.

Glue the around the bud and glue the petals to the bud.

Grab your next flower petal and repeat the same steps until all flower petals have been completed.

As you keep going on the next petal, the mum will start forming.

I know its a bit tedious, but as you keep making each flower petal, it looks better and better!

Only 2 more flower petals to go!

And that’s it! Pretty easy! Aren’t these mums cute!

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