How to make Turkey Cake Pops

One more day until Thanksgiving!!! I thought I’d try making some turkey cake pops this year. Check out these steps on how I made my turkey cake pop. Follow the basic instructions to make a cake pop from my old posts and follow the rest of these instructions.

Materials I used for this Turkey Cake Pop: chocolate covered sunflower seeds, M&Ms, Royal icing small eyes, rainbow chip crunch sprinkles, and  flower medley sprinkles.


Melt the chocolate bark until runny. Then I grabbed one of my cake pops from the refrigerator. Dip an M&M into the melted chocolate and glued it to the cake pop. The M&M is the turkey’s head. Let it completely dry.


While waiting for it to dry, I got my chocolate cover sunflower seeds ready, because the next few steps you need to be quick before the chocolate dries. Initially, I was a bit worried that when I dipped my cake pop into the melted chocolated I thought the M&M wold fall off. I made sure the chocolate was very runny and was gentle when dipping and covering the cake pop. The M&M didn’t fall off…woohoooo!

Dip your cake pop into the melted chocolate and cover completely. Tap off the excess chocolate and immediately put the sunflower seed on the cake pop for the feathers of the turkey. If it dries and you weren’t able to put all the feathers on the cake pop, just dip a little bit of the sunflower seed into the melted chocolate then use it as a glue to the cake pops.


Then I grabbed an orange chip crunch from the rainbow chip crunch sprinkles for the beak. I used a toothpick to get some chocolate and put a small dot on the orange chip and glued it to the head of the turkey.


I grabbed an red maple leaf from the flower medley sprinkles and broke a piece of it off for the wattle of the turkey. I used a toothpick again to put some chocolate on the wattle and glued it right under the beak of the turkey.


Then I put a dot of chocolate on the eyes and glued it on the head of the turkey.


Now we have some cute yummy turkey cake pops!!!!

 Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!! Have an awesome long weekend!!!!

8 thoughts on “How to make Turkey Cake Pops

  1. Just found these when I was searching Google for Turkey Cake Pops! They looks sooooooooooooooo cute & easy! Will be trying them soon!

  2. hello i am going to “try” to make these for my family but i have a question i have a problem when im dipping my cake pops in the chocolate its always too thick and sometimes my cake pop will actually fall off the stick into the chocolate… :( is there a secret or something to make the chocolate thiner? so its easier to coat the cake and still look nice and smooth.?

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