How to Make Tiered Wedding Cake Sugar Cookies

My sister, Joyce, wanted to make tiered wedding cake sugar cookies for our friend Tina’s Bridal Shower. I offered to help her with the sugar cookies. They came out really good!

Be prepared…this one is a long one….

We made our sugar cookie dough and cut out 2 circles of 3 different size circles. A total of 6 round cookies for 1 tiered wedding cake sugar cookie.

After you bake the sugar cookies, let it completely cool before you outline all the cookies with royal icing. (We used a wilton tip #3 to outline the cookie)

 When its dry you can start flooding the cookie. (We used wilton tip #4 to flood)

 After all the cookie have been flooded. You need to wait for the icing to be completely dry or harden before you can start on these next few steps.

We used the royal icing as glue. Put some royal icing in the middle of the cookie and stacked the 2nd cookie of the same size. Do this for all your cookies.

 Then you want to put more royal icing in the center of the largest round cookie stack and stack with the mid size cookie to get the 2nd tier.

 And you do this again with the smallest stack onto the tiered cookie to get the third cookie tier.

 We made 2 dozen wedding cake tiers. But there’s one more step to make it look a lot better….

 We need to pipe a border around the cake on each tier. We used the star tip, I think  it was the Wilton tip #14.

 And lastly a box for presentation! We bought the boxes online from paper mart, they have lots of different sizes.

And this is how it looked at the bridal shower at each seat.

Congratulations Tina and Timmy!!!


It’s a big year of planning for me because I’m getting married this year!!! I’m really excited and will definitely be sharing cake tasting trips on my blog.

I had a traditional vietnamese engagement ceremony called “Dam Hoi” and added my crafty touch to it and of course a BIG desserts table. Check out all my details of my engagement :) 

Big thanks to Sargeant photography for the awesome pictures, Joe and Drew from Garden Row Media for the memorable video!!

The table were decorated with white table covers with a burlap runner and rustic floral centerpiece. Including wrapped utensils at each seat.

I made some Yarn Covered Monogram Letter for some extra decor around the house.

And now more details on my desserts table. I started out making many paper pom poms and bought Accordion Lanterns for my paper chandelier ahead of time.

Our favorite cake is carrot cake. So I made a rustic carrot cake as my main centerpiece underneath the paper chandelier with some party favors boxes filled with chocolates.

I wanted to make logo sugar cookies that I posted before from sweetopia’s blog. Her directions are awesome! 

I made simple cake pops in orange and blue for my desserts table.

Filled the table with french macarons from Layer Cake Bakery (I love there french macarons), powdered donuts, and white chocolate covered pretzels. And DIY candy favor jar. I saved baby jars and filled them with white mints. I covered the lid with burlap and used some string to hold it together. Very simple to do!

Plus some candy! Some rock candy and salt water taffy. I love the look of rock candy on a desserts table.

My BIG desserts table….

Thanks to my family and friends making a memorable engagement!

My Mom’s Birthday!

Last week it was my mom’s birthday and we decided to do something small at my siblings house, Joyce and Joe. Sort of last minute. Normally we eat out, but my siblings decided to change it up.

So the big day came for my mom’s birthday and I was tasked to pick up a cake. As I was driving to work, I was thinking, I need to find a cute cake and maybe even some small desserts.

I got chatting with my sister, Joyce, about desserts and I was thinking how was I going to display it. She didn’t have any cake pedestals, so I definitely had to get some!

I work the normal 8-5 job, what to do? I had to pick up my 4 month old puppy, Julius, get the desserts and cake stands.

I had to sneak a picture of my new puppy into this post, my sister let me use her dog, Bronx’s bow tie for my mom’s birthday :)

He’s such a cutie…..back on topic…I would not have the time to run around and run errands, but luckily I was able to leave a bit early from work…so the plan was to get the cake stands, desserts, the puppy and then to my sisters.

I decided to go to homegoods, cause they have really good finds for the house! And I got sooo lucky! I found cute cake pedestals for an awesome price and they were the only 2 left. <3 Homegoods!!!

Plans were slowly coming together…now on to the bakery. I decided to try Layer Cake Bakery because the french macarons are awesome!!! Picked up some macarons and 2 six inch cakes! Red Velvet and Tres Leches! I figure since we were having tacos we had to stay in theme with a tres leches cake! Everything worked out soo well and even had some extra time! Desserts were delicious!!

Happy Birthday Mom!

How to make Individual Cupcake Stands

Figured out how to make your own individual cupcake stand without have to buy  some? Well Diary of a Lady Bird came out with a tutorial on how to make your own and you can design it however you like.

You don’t need too many materials. Just a plate, a cup and super glue!

Simply glue it together and let it dry.

That’s it!

Then you can design it however you like! She has some really cute designs of her own too.

Thanks for the tutorial from Diary of a Lady Bird!

Fondant Sugar Cookies

More things you can do with fondant is to decorate cookies!

Traditional sugar cookies are usually iced with royal icing, but there’s another style, fondant! Making sugar with royal icing can be a less time consuming.

Darla, from Bakingdom, has a awesome tutorial for her chick and bunnies sugar cookies using rolled fondant for the decor!

You use the same cookie cutter for the fondant to cover the sugar cookie and you still use some royal icing as a glue agent for the cookies.

Put some royal icing on the sugar cookie to use as a glue.

Then, roll out your fondant and use the same cookie cutter to cut out the fondant and put it on the cookie.

You can leave it like that or get more cookie cutters, sprinkles and food writers to add the details.

Use some more royal icing to glue on the arms.

Then use some food color ink pens and sugar confetti to add on the cookie.

Aren’t these cookies cute! Check out her blog for more details on how to make these sugar cookies and other designs!

Edyn’s 1st Birthday

My cousin, Alyce, wanted to do a pinwheel and pom pom theme party for Edyn’s 1st Birthday. She went with purple, yellow and grey/silver colors. She made all the decorations for the party.

You can easily find on the internet how to make pinwheels yourself. I found some simple directions from Paper Source. And for pom poms, martha stewart has some step by step directions too.

For the cake, she requested from me, simple cake with grass and then planned to put pinwheels into the cake.

Check out Edyn’s 1st Birthday cake and birthday decorations.

Happy Birthday Edyn!!!

How to Use an Edible Image

If you don’t have printer, you can easily get an edible print made at your local cake supply shop or even online. You can use these edible prints on cakes and cookies.

Then these next few steps will be really easy after you have your edible image!

After your cake is frosted and smooth out, peel the edible image from the paper (just like a sticker) You can also cut out the edible image if needed before peeling.

Then you just place the image on the cake! You can add all your other decorations around the image after.

The edible print will eventually meld into the frosted surface. And that’s it! Pretty easy!!!!

How to Make Gum Paste Roses

I got another sugar flower tutorial!!! This one is how to make a gum paste rose. I tried to get as many pictures as possible to give as much details as possible.


  • Mini Rolling Pin
  • 5 Petal Flower Cut Out
  • Ball Tool
  • ToothPick
  • Gum Paste Glue
  • Thin and Thick Foam Mat
  • *Optional: Star Cut Out
  • *Optional: Silpat Mat – To roll out gum paste. Does not stick to the surface.

First get a small amount of gum paste and form it into a tear drop shape to make the bud. You will need it the size of one of the petals cut out.

Dip your toothpick into vegetable shortening and put it through the gum paste tear drop to hold. Place the toothpick into a foam cup to hold and dry.


I’m going to color some gum paste yellow. Knead Knead Knead


Roll out the gum paste as thin as possible and cut out 3 flowers. We will be doing 1 flower layer at a time. So cover up the other 2 layers in some plastic wrap so it does not dry out.


Put some corn starch on you thin foam mat so gum paste does not stick. Put your gum paste flower on the foam. Make a small slit in between each petal. You can kind of see it in the picture. Then using your ball tool, at the edge, press down firmly to thin out to get a ruffle. Then place on  the thick foam.



Then you will use the ball tool again to press into each petal to cup the petal. (when cupping the petals always place on the thick foam) And also do it in the middle of the flower to cup the flower.

Now we’re going to stick the toothpick with the bud through the flower petal.


Think of the 5 petals of the flower as a stick figure. It has a head, 2 arms and 2 legs. We’re going to glue the head to the bud of the flower.


Then follow by gluing one of the arms up.


Then glue the the leg that is diagonally to the arm you just glued.


Now glue the last two petals to the bud. Its already almost looking like a rose! :) Place the rose back into the foam cup to hold.


Grab another petal and we will repeat the first 2 steps again by cutting slits and thinning out the edges with the ball tool on the thin foam.


Then, we’re only going to cup the arms using the ball tool on the thick foam.




Now flip the flower upside down and cup the other 3 petals you didn’t do yet. Then flip it back around.


Cup the middle of the flower again.



Grab your rose from your foam cup and stick the toothpick through the middle of the flower again.


Now we’re going to glue one of the both arms of the flower towards the bud.



Then glue one of the legs to the bud. Then the rest of the petals that are left.



Almost there!!! Isn’t it pretty already!


Grab your 3rd flower. Make your slits again and thin out the edges on the thin foam. Then cup all the petals on the thick foam.

Turn the flower upside down and cup the middle.

We’re going to stick your rose in the middle again and glue all petals to the rose

Now your got your gum paste rose :)

An extra step you can add is some stems. Color your gum paste green and roll the gum paste out as thing as possible and cut out the star.

Now, we’re going to thin out each arm of the star.

Grab your rose and stick it through the middle and glue it to the rose.

Such a pretty flower :) A great addition to your fondant cakes!!!

Desserts Table for a Mermaid Party

I saw this really cute mystical mermaid party initially on Kara’s Party Ideas Blog by Kate Landers Events. The soft colors for this theme totally works: White, light pink, and light brown. Love it! The decor is beautiful and elegant. The desserts table were very detailed.

Check out the desserts table!!!! Yummy!!!! Too cute!!!

These octopus cupcakes are adorable and like these newly updated cupcake liner look!

Chocolate Covered Pretzels!!! Yummm!!!

The cake is simple and elegant on the double tiered cake stands.

Starfish Sugar Cookies on sand!!!

Sea urchins on top of a mini cake.

Coral Cupcakes…I like how she made these coral toppers!

Aren’t all the decorations and desserts just lovely! There’s more desserts and details of the event. Check out more pictures of the event here.

How to make a Fondant Bow

Ever wonder how they make that fondant bow on a cake? Bows are popular for birthday cakes because who doesn’t like a cake that looks like a present :)

Here’s my tutorial on how to make a fondant bow.

What you need:

Mix fondant and gum paste together (50/50) and knead. By adding gum paste to fondant it helps make it more pliable. But you can definitely do this with just fondant. Roll out the fondant about 1/8 inch.

Using a pizza cutter or a wilton cutter embosser, cut strips 1″ wide. Wilton Cutter Embosser set is nice cause it can cut 2 strips at the same time. But I saw an adjustable dough divider from sur la table that could cut 4 strips at a time and its adjustable from 1/2 inch to 5 inches wide. Awesome tool!

After you cut strips 1 inch wide, cut the strips in length of 5 inches. You want to make 15 strips but I cut about 16 strips for back up. Roll the leftover fondant/gum paste back into a ball.

After you cut the strips, fold/bend the all the strips into a tear drop shape. Use some water/gum paste glue as an adhesive to glue the ends together. Lay it on its side.

Tips: Wrap the extra fondant/gum paste  in plastic wrap so the fondant/gum paste does not dry. Constantly cover your pieces while working on other pieces, it drys very quick!

Cut the glued end of the tear drop shape into a point. Use a pizza cutter or scissors. I used scissors, it seemed easier. Then let the pieces dry on its side for about 45 minutes to 60 minutes before working on the bow again.

It’s time to put the bow together!!! Roll out the leftover fondant/gum paste out 1/8 inch and cut out circles using all 3 Wilton round cut outs, 1 each.

Using the largest circle you just cut out, place it on a piece of wax paper. Place 6 bow pieces onto the circle. After you have placed the 6 pieces, you can glue on the pieces to secure the first row of the bow.

Glue the medium cirlcle in the middle of the bow.

Place 5-6 more pieces on top of the first layer and glue it to the circle. Try to place the pieces in the middle of the 2 bow pieces from the first layer.

Glue the small circle in the middle of the bow.

Lastly, place as many pieces in the middle and glue it. I was able to fit 3 in the middle. And that’s it! Now you got your bow to put on your cake!!!

You can make the fondant bow a few days before you have to make your cake to save yourself time and to let the bow dry completely. By doing that it will give you more time to work on the cake and not worry about the bow cause its already completed!